Web design

Something on the web…

I designed also some website… Just also to esperiment with this kind of thing…

2c Myspace page

Well… I needed just some space on the web to show my works… so I started with a myspace page…

Immagine 3

Take a look on it…


2cproject, my first portfolio page

That’s my first website.  I used Flash to design it, and I enjoyed it. Now that I see it, it’s a mess… Graphycally complicated… but I still like it anyway…
Immagine 2

Take a look on it…


A website for my sister’s wedding!

My sister asked me to design her a website for her wedding. She and her housband didn’t want to make a wedding list… Instead of it, they wanted friends and relatives to gift them their wedding travel. But they wanted also something funny… So I designed this website.

Immagine 1

Take a look on it…


The Sambla Clothing Myspace

Sambla Clothing is a streetwear brand, and they needed just something to show their shirts graphics…

Take a look on it…


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