Industrial Design

Welcome to the Industrial Design section…

Here they are some projects that I made for design competitions..


Designing a monument for 50 years of Bagnolo Piemonte Fidas

Project summary: Together with Lorena Federica Boetto and Luca Liporace we participated in the contest. We thought then to a memorial that would express the joy and importance of blood donation. The monument is formed by two stylized silouhettes representing two children, and a drop. We have chosen to make these forms cut from slabs of stone Luserna in order to use the materials typical of the place. Two children and two girls are dancing around a showing to drop the word “FIDAS, 50 years of life” The monment has been inaugurated on 21 September 2008.

Articolo sull'”Eco del Chisone”


Boost survive kit

Project summary: The competition was about designing a surviving kit for the life in the city.. Camouflage is a system of six pockets joined by buttons, designed to contain objects that allow us to not take us by
nervousness while we are traveling in our city. It’s decorated with camo bright colors graphics , that because moving trough the city remains a war.



Nastro Azzurro Design Award

Project summary: The initiative stems from the idea of giving space to young talents to interpret values such as originality, irony, creativity, ability to conceive unusual solutions which are the essence of the brand Nastro Azzurro and at the same time it is precisely those traits loved and appreciated throughout the world as a hallmark of a certain approach everything Italian design. This commonality of values concerns the link between Nastro Azzurro and Design, two top Italian love all over the world and able to “inspire” talents in the fields of creativity. So we need to reinterpret the bottle of Nastro Azzurro and create an object of design …

32 copy



And now, just some projects that I designed just for plesaure… Some of them became real… maybe some of them will become real too… some of them won’t…


Mollino Chaise Longue

I was inspired by the architect Carlo Mollino’s tea table “Arabesque, and then I thought this chaise longue.
Parts of dark wood are actually wooden padded to improve comfort. The object is made from a single piece of bent plywood and cut.

5 copy copia


Princess Mirror

Every single little girl is a princess…
And every princess has her own special mirror…

principessa1 [Converted]DSCN0994 copia