Showing what I do…

I love showing others my works… It’s always very useful, listening to what they think about it… And, let’s say it.. the designer works it’s all about it… just making things and hoping that others will like them!

Paratissima 2008

Paratissima is an event off than Artissima, great event in the italian art market. Its a show dedicated to young artists and creative people who are looking for a place to show their works, who are willing to communicate their art. This year Paratissima has been hosted in the San Salvario district, in Turin. All the art works has been setted in pubblic places, shops, yards, streets and sqares.
I exposed three graphics that are critical of the trends of contemporary design, always in an ironic way. I choose to use the Philippe Starck’s juice squeezer as the subject of my work…

The three graphics are titled:
– A project have to be understood
– A project must work
– A project have to be designed

A project have to be understood

Once upon a time four citrus fruit. And so came a huge shadow on the wall. <What the hell is that?>, asked the lemon. <It is a spaseship!> he said… <No, it s an alien!> said the orange.<No, it s a juice squeezer!> said the grapefruit…. but everyone understood that it was impossible… and so everybody tickled pink about

The end


A project must work

It is so simple… a design object has to work… I think that a design object that doesnt work, it isnt design anymore. It becomes something only about style. I m not saying that the style, in an object, isnt important… but it is just a component.
Here you can see a movie poster. It is an horror movie about an invasion of alien juice squezeers, that conquer the world destroying all with a huge juice tzunami that covers everything…

but dont worry, its just a movie…. or not?


A project must be designed

Here is another story….
Once upon a time, there was a very famous designer, who just had a meeting with a famous italian furniture company, that ask him to design a lemon squeezer.
Coming back to home, he stopped in Elba island to have lunch. He ordered some
baby squid. He skewers one with a fork, looked at it, and realised that this
was the solution to his problem. So he started to sketch… and he had it…

Of course there were  few details to work out… exact dimensions, what material to use,
But these were all sub-problems; someone else can solve them….


Just some pics…


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