Press Release for ANYA SUSHKO

I’m now working for a London communications agency called Severina Communications. This is the first project I designed for that agency. It’s a Press Release for Anya Sushko, a very young and talented Ungarian bag designer.


I’m so indie with my lomo, also in the night

And after the shirts… here we are with the party!!! On Wednesday 7th July 2010, all the “indies” together with their lomo cameras, will be @ Magazzino di Giancarlo, a great place in the center of the city, to shoot tons of pics an to be SO INDIE WITH THEIR LOMO!!!

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I’m so indie with my lomo

This is our first graphic. It’s something that is obviously not happening just in my city, but in Turin there are so many people that is convinced that having a photo camera means being a photographer!! ( a great one actually…) And if you are an “indie” kind of guy, you MUST have a lomo…

I’m so t-shirt

I’M SO T-SHIRTS is a project that I’m carrying on together with a friend of mine, Alberto Gallo. We decided to print some shirts, just to have fun. Maybe you won’t understand all of these graphics, and that’s because the topics of these shirts are arguments that you can understand just if you are from Turin.. It’s like a gift to our city…